1st Artcurial Motorcars event of the year: Parisienne 2021

On 5th February 2021, Artcurial Motorcars will hold a special sale “Parisienne 2021” featuring an exclusive selection of prestigious collectors’ cars. Headlining the sale will be the Matra MS 670, an important part of French industrial heritage, which won the 1972 Le Mans 24 Hours in the hands of Pescarolo and Hill.

Also included in the sale will be two exceptional French collections, the first coming from a British sports cars enthusiast that features a rare Aston Martin DB4GT. The second contains some of the most iconic Group B rally cars, displayed until now at the Manoir de l’Automobile in Lohéac.

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New World Record for a Comic Strip Artwork

Artcurial beats the world record for an original comic book board with The Blue Lotus by Hergé! On Thursday 14th January, Artcurial offered this exceptional work at auction, never seen before on the market: the project by Hergé for the cover of the original edition of The Blue Lotus, a 1936 album of Tintin. The work was sold for €3.2M, also becoming Hergé’s new world record.

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Looking back at 2020

The year 2020 was notably marked by a number of records and millionaire auctions, such as an important stabile by Alexander Calder sold for €4.9M and the masterpiece the Penitent Magdalene by Salaì, a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci, which sold for €1.7M. Find out more in our video…