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The collection of designer Kenzo Takada under the hammer

On 11th May 2021, Artcurial will hold a special auction: the sale of furniture from the apartment of Kenzo Takada, the legendary designer and icon of fashion. 

Set in his Parisian apartment, where Kenzo spent the last years of his life, this collection of furniture, paintings, objects, works of art and fashion pieces, displays a subtle balance between the influences of East and West, reflecting the free spirit of this creative genius.  

Mohamed Melehi and its exceptional works from the Vallée des Roses

At the heart of this 30th May auction will be 11 works by Mohamed Melehi, a great Moroccan artist who died in October 2020 and a central figure in Moroccan art and the history of modernism. From the end of the 1960s, the talent of Mohamed Melehi and Mohamed Chebaa, both of whom were graduates of the Casablanca School of Fine Arts, met that of the architectural duo Patrice de Mazières and Abdesslem Faraoui.

From Italy to France, a European Passion

On 9th June, the Old Master & 19th Century department will hold a sale dedicated to the collection From Italy to France, a European Passion. 

Matthieu Fournier and his team will offer you a glimpse of this collection, which honors French artists who lived and worked in Italy. This collection is composed of artworks by Joseph Vernet, Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre, Charles-Joseph Natoire, Jacques Stella and Joseph-Marie Vien. 

A major work by Toulouse-Lautrec never seen before on the art market

Artcurial is proud to present a rare masterpiece by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec at the Impressionist & Modern Art auction on 29 June. Entitled Une opération par le Docteur Péan à l’Hôpital International, this work was realised in 1891 and has remained in the hands of the same family ever since, which is none other than that of Toulouse-Lautrec's doctor, to whom the artist gave it that year. This same doctor, Frédéric Baumgarten, is depicted in the front of the composition. Exhibited only once in 1914, this artpiece is an important rediscovery, as unique in its exclusivity on the market as in its subject.