Urban Art

Urban Art

Within the contemporary art scene, urban art is one of the most dynamic emerging sectors of the market. Under the initiative of Arnaud Oliveux and Karine Castagna, Artcurial has become one of the pioneering auction houses in this speciality, organising its first sales in 2006.

Orchestrated around historic American artworks from the 1990s as well as renowned artists such as Os Gemeos, José Parla, Vhils and Swoon, these auction sessions offer a comprehensive look at urban creation.

Combined with the diversity of the artworks on offer, the expertise of the specialists has enabled the house to achieve remarkable results, such as the world record for Futura 2000’s Stupid, which was sold for €104,000, Banksy’s Rodeo Girl, which was sold for €379,500, Kaws’ spectacular Final Days, which was sold for €985,000, and Invader’s Rubik Space, which went for €492,600.

The department’s international reputation is also illustrated by the sale of private collections. The Don’t Believe the Hype and Outsider(s): A History of Beautiful Losers auctions in 2019 and the Roméo Sarfati Collection in 2022 attracted street culture enthusiasts from all over the world.

Artcurial’s specialists are at your disposal for free and confidential valuations of your objects and works of urban art.



A masterful work by DRAN unveiled

A masterful work by DRAN unveiled

On 6th December, Artcurial’s Twenty One Contemporary sale will feature a masterful work by DRAN created in 2010/20111 for the show Fuzion by the Toulouse-based performance company Arawak Crew. In this work, the artist once again demonstrates his critical sense, his talent for observing the world and his obsession with South American cultures.

<em>Premier regard, benefiting the Fondation des Artistes</em>

Premier regard, benefiting the Fondation des Artistes

On 11th September, Artcurial will open its second half-year with a charity sale dedicated to supporting contemporary art. Benefiting the Fondation des Artistes, the sale will feature works by 90 emerging artists exhibited by the Premier Regard association over its 20 years of activity. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Fondation des Artistes in support of its work with artists.

Artcurial is partner of the charity sale for the benefit of <em>La Voix de L’Enfant</em> Association

Artcurial is partner of the charity sale for the benefit of La Voix de L’Enfant Association

Artcurial was pleased to be a partner of the charity auction organised by the Musée Grévin to support the missions of the Association La Voix de L’Enfant. The sale will took place on 22nd March and was dedicated to the urban artist ZoulliArt, creator of portraits of celebrities, hence the association with the museum. All the profits generated by the 35 lots offered for sale were used to finance the associations federated within La Voix de L’Enfant, all of which are intended to help and assist children in danger.

<em>Roméo Sarfati Collection</em><br />A look from an Art lover

Roméo Sarfati Collection
A look from an Art lover

Artcurial presented for sale on 14th December the unique collection of Roméo Sarfati, actor and passionate collector. Gathering all types of post-war vintage items and film posters, the collection also included numerous works of urban art by artists such as Speedy Graphito, Invader, Jérôme Mesnager or Miss. Tic, reflecting the encounters this enthusiast has made over the years.

Vente caritative <em>Art Against Pain</em>&nbsp;: Quand le street-art se mêle des douleurs chroniques

Vente caritative Art Against Pain : Quand le street-art se mêle des douleurs chroniques

La vente « Art Against Pain » s’inscrit dans le projet de l’Hôpital Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild : utiliser le street art comme moyen thérapeutique dans le traitement des patients douloureux chroniques. Les bénéfices de la vente – recensant des œuvres de plus de 60 artistes, français et internationaux – serviront à créer un atelier d’art thérapie. Artcurial s’associe à cette initiative : Arnaud Oliveux, directeur associé de la maison, sera le commissaire-priseur de la vente.

Urban art honoured in the CAPITALE(S) exhibition<br />in partnership with the city hall of Paris

Urban art honoured in the CAPITALE(S) exhibition
in partnership with the city hall of Paris

Artcurial is a partner of the exhibition entitled CAPITALE(S), dedicated to urban art. This project, conceived by the City of Paris and presented inside and outside its walls, is open to the public until 25th March 2023, free of charge and upon registration.

Interview with Marlène Mocquet

Interview with Marlène Mocquet

Discover the unique world of artist Marlène Mocquet through an interview featuring one of her works which was presented at auction on 26th October during the Generation 21 by Artcurial sale.

<em>Generation 21 by Artcurial</em>

Generation 21 by Artcurial

On 26th October 2022, Artcurial presented a completely new auction, entitled Generation 21 by Artcurial focusing on the 21st century. It encompasses the current contemporary art scene and its various niches, such as urban art and contemporary African art, which Artcurial has been successfully developing over the past few years.

Invader, J.R., FUTURA 2000: the greatest urban artists on sale at Artcurial

Invader, J.R., FUTURA 2000: the greatest urban artists on sale at Artcurial

On 28th June, the Urban & Pop Contemporary auction featured artworks by major artists of the urban and contemporary scene under the hammer of Arnaud Oliveux.