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Do you want to have your Art & Objects appraised? Artcurial offers four options for your convenience.

Remote Appraisal
Artcurial provides a free and confidential appraisal service for works and objects that can be sold through our auction house. You can directly send photos and descriptions of your items through our online form or via email at Our specialists from the relevant departments will then appraise your items.

Appraisal Days
To prepare for upcoming auctions, Artcurial regularly organizes appraisal days, particularly in our representative offices throughout Europe and France. Our specialists provide complimentary and confidential appraisals of your artworks and objects during these days.

Inventory at Home
Artcurial also offers a bespoke and confidential service for the appraisal of your items, whether it’s the contents of a family property, a personal collection, or individual objects. Our specialists from the Inventory & Collections department can assist you with legal and tax-related questions regarding the transfer of your movable and artistic heritage to ensure optimal management. You can contact them at

Private Sale
Lastly, Artcurial provides Private Sale (off-market) services for exceptional items. These sales are reserved for major artworks and can be organized in all of our departments. To find out if your works could be sold off-market, simply send an estimation request to



Artcurial conducts physical auctions throughout the year in Paris, Monaco, Marrakech and Switzerland, as well as online on Our specialists are available to help you choose the most suitable sale for your artworks and to define the conditions. A bespoke promotion and communication strategy is then implemented to ensure the success of the auction.


Artcurial will inform you of the auction results, and you will receive the payment 35 days after the auction, after deducting commissions, taxes, and fees.