Antiquities, Pre-Columbian & Islamic Art

Antiquities, Pre-Columbian & Islamic Art

For nearly ten years now, Artcurial has been organising diverse and original auctions dedicated to past civilisations.

The Antiquities, Pre-Columbian and Islamic Art Department has gained a unique insight due to the infinite variety of artworks we have seen and background stories we have heard.

Auctioning famous collections, such as, for example, those of Wolf, Bourelier, Guerrand-Hermès, and Wenziner, has enabled the department to build strong ties with the most important collectors, offering them an absolute guarantee in terms of provenance.

The sales sessions dedicated to these collections bear witness to the meticulous expertise of our specialists, as demonstrated by the sale of a female marble statue for €294,200, a High Relief with masks for €629,000 at the sale of the Henry de Montherlant collection, and a bronze Maat that sold for five times its estimate at €106,250 at the sale of the former Maurice Bouvier collection.

With the support of renowned experts and researchers, the department can offer collectors the assurance of knowing that their items will receive the right valuation and will be made available on both the national and international marketplaces.