Since 2013, under the impetus of François Tajan, the auction house has never ceased to develop this ever growing and popular international sector. Under the direction of Marie Sanna-Legrand and assisted by Justine Lamarre, the Collector Timepiece Department organises 4 annual sales in Paris and Monaco. Accompanied by Geoffroy Ader, timepiece expert, the team offers the best sales strategy to obtain optimal results.

In 2015, Artcurial decides to concentrate the luxury auction sales to Monaco, now holding two annual sessions (January and July) centred around Jewellery, collector timepieces and Vintage Hermès collections departments, the Principality becoming a pivotal venue for collectors from around the world.

In 2016, this new momentum brings forth a total of more than 4.5 million euros in annual sales, an increase of 60% since its creation within the auction house, with significant participation of American, Asian and Russian buyers.


The Department has seen its results progress in a significant manner and create several records that have garnered respect among the leading names on the market, particularly surrounding the watchmaking brand Rolex. The department reached a highly respectable price on a Rolex, Oyster Daytona “Paul Newman," the so-called Ultimate Coffee Panda, circa 1969, sold €336,600 as well as an "Eagle Al Makhtoum " Daytona ref. 6263/6265, circa 1973, reaching €186,200 including fees.

Also, leading pocket watches are highly sought after. For example, a private European collection of 21 pocket watches totals €244,300 in July 2016. The star of the auction was a rare and exceptional gold enamelled watch with a biblical scene, by L’École de Paris, by Estienne Chavanne and sold for €34,500.

Wristwatches also represent a leading trend on the market, with Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari or Piaget as forerunners. Recently, a Baignoire by Cartier n° 3057912 / 0014, circa 2000 sells for € 44,200 in January 2017, a Beta 21 tiger eye watch by Piaget, ref. 14101, n° 755444 / 197484 , circa 1971 reaches € 10,400 in July 2016 and a Jean Été Paris by Piaget, ref. 3879 D1, n° 191946, circa 1970 reaches €12,400 (July 2016).

The department also organises themed auctions, such as « Panerai Only », in December 2014. To further promote the auction, itinerant exhibitions where organised in Monaco, Geneva and Milan. Artcurial reaffirms its historical background with the themed auction 80 years of Hermès timekeeping, in December 2007 and 170 years of Jaeger-LeCoultre, in December 2013.



Les ventes monégasques totalisent près de 12 M€

Les ventes monégasques totalisent près de 12 M€

Après trois jours de vacations, Artcurial réalise son meilleur résultat pour ses ventes en Principauté.

La montre du Général de Gaulle sous le soleil de Monaco

La montre du Général de Gaulle sous le soleil de Monaco

La mythique montre LIP du Général de Gaulle qui sera proposée aux enchères le 18 juillet prochain à Monaco chez Artcurial, est exposée à Paris les 27, et 28 juin et 1er juillet 2019.

Records & Results

PATEK PHILIPPE  Ref. 1463A, n° 869144 / 2605613

130,000 €

17 jan. 2018

430,600 €

BULGARI  Serpenti "Black Mamba", n° 1279392

18 jul. 2018

ROLEX  Daytona "Panda", réf. 6263 / 6263, n° 2848507

244,600 €

17 jul. 2017

¤ PIAGET Beta 21, ref. 14101, n° 282177 Vers 1976Montre bracelet en or jaune 18k (750)Boîtier : rectangulaire, fermeture à vis, signé e

11,050 €

17 jul. 2017