Sale Fine Wine & Spirits - 18 december 2018

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Fine Wine
  & Spirits

From a Private Cellar
  • Fine Wine 
  & Spirits
Sale18 december 2018 at 14:00

Stéphane Aubert, Matthieu Fournier, Arnaud Oliveux, Thaïs Thirouin

18 december 201814:00

Stéphane Aubert, Matthieu Fournier, Arnaud Oliveux, Thaïs Thirouin


Marie Calzada
Phone +33 1 42 99 20 24


18 December 2:00pm: Lot 1-81 (Auction n°3932)
18 December 2:30pm: Lot 82-519
19 December 2:00pm: Lot 520-1060
20 December 2:00pm:: Lot 1061-End



From a Private Cellar - Sold Excluding VAT

Lots 1 to 81 are sold under special conditions : they are sold VAT excluded. The VAT can be refund to any European registered company which acquired it at auction, providing it holds a European VAT registration number and can prove the lot has been transported to his country of residence. The VAT will be reimbursed to any buyer residing outside the EU, providing he can give evidence of this exportation, such as export papers duly signed and cleared by the French customs or from any other country member of the EU.

Lots 1 to 81 are sold “on designation”, this means they will not be present during the public exhibition at Artcurial’s Paris warehouse. These lots are in Beaune, in Hillebrand’s bonded warehouse. Once payment is effective, Artcurial’s shipping department will organize to ship lots at buyer’s expense or assist the buyer to collect them in Beaune.

Purchase Orders & Auctions by Phone

Kristina Vrzests
Phone +33 1 42 99 20 51
Fax +33 1 42 99 20 60


17 december, 12pm-5pm

12 rue de Ponthieu
75008 Paris
Phone during Viewing: +33 1 42 99 20 20

Conditions of Purchase



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