Sale Mai 68 en 500 Affiches - 13 march 2018

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Mai 68
  en 500 Affiches

Laurent Storch Collection
  • Mai 68 
  en 500 Affiches
Sale13 march 201814:30

François Tajan

Result: 161,746 €
13 march 201814:30

François Tajan

Result: 161.746 €


Lorena de La Torre
Phone +33 1 42 99 16 58

Laurent Storch Collection

“This exceptional collection offers a real immersion into a popular movement that profoundly marked French society.
These posters are an authentic witness to the historical and artistic events of May ’68.”


In 2018, France will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the events that took place during May 68. To mark the occasion, Artcurial has created an event-auction retracing the history of this incredibly popular movement with the dispersion of the remarkable collection of posters gathered by collector Laurent Storch. The sale will take place on 13th March 2018.

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Mai 68 ; L’affiche en héritage

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