Simon Hantaï: an artist of fantastic bestiary


Simon Hantaï
Simon Hantaï (1922-2008)
Panse, 1964
Oil on canvas
Estimate: €100,000 - €150,000

We are delighted to present a beautiful selection of eight watercolour and oil on canvas works by French-Hungarian artist Simon Hantaï. Simon Hantaï is fascinating for the many artistic paths he explored and for his remarkable works, but above all he stands out for his use of the pliage technique.
While the watercolours series shows the artist’s exploration of a single colour presented as geometric forms, the pliage series and Panse showcase his thinking about the dialogue between colours. These pieces by Simon Hantaï are estimated between €30,000 and €150,000.








Simon Hantaï
Simon Hantaï (1922-2008)
Painting, 1953
Oil on two joined canvases
Estimate: €70,000 - €90,000

Painting is a magnificent example of the fantastic bestiary that Simon Hantaï created with astonishing inventiveness. With its hybrid, round, torn open and smooth creatures, the artist’s work naturally recalls Dalí's watches. Formed by two joined canvases, it adheres to the segmenting technique developed by the artist in 1953.


Simon Hantaï's surrealist period took place during his early years in Paris, from 1952 to 1955. With Painting, Simon Hantaï emphasises the traits developed within the group which, according to André Breton, combine human and plant life to better display the shared structures that exist. In this way, it marks the power of the artist’s organic field of inspiration during this surrealist period, as well as his chromatic distribution that at the time prefigured the ruleless nature of his pliage work.



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