Private collections highlighted in the Modern & Contemporary Art auctions

On Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th December 2021, the winter session of Modern and Contemporary Art will features more than 300 lots, mostly from five private collections.


The Frédérique Tison Collection
The second part of the Frédérique Tison Collection will introduce this winter session on Tuesday 7th December at 2pm. Following the success of the first Balthus sale in 2020, approximately 150 Balthus’s drawings and watercolours will be offered for auction. These artworks cover Balthus’s favorite themes including portraiture, nudes and narrative scenes, as well as a special section on his theatre design work.


oan Mirò 1893 - 1983 Composition - 1960
Joan Mirò (1893-1983)
Composition, 1960
Gouache on paper
32 x 25 cm
Estimate: €30,000-40,000

The Dora Vallier Collection
The Collection of Doria Vallier, renowned Modern Art historian who contributed to the understanding of many 20th century artists, includes works that attests her close relationship with artists such as Serge Poliakoff, Maria Elena Vieira Da Silva, Joan Miró or Fernand Leger. On the over hand, these artists have often shown their admiration for Dora Vallier in their artworks. Her entire collection will be auctioned on Wednesday 8th December. The first part of her collection will be presented during the Impressionist & Modern Art sale at 10am, and the second part at 2pm during the Post-War & Contemporary Art sale.














The Jean-Louis RoqueCollection
The hundred artworks from the collection of the renowned art dealer Jean-Louis Roque reflects his ardent passion for the artists, throughout artworks spanning the century from La Fresnaye to Marquet, Valmier to Marcoussis, Bores to Gromaire, Charchoune to Pougny, Reichel to Steffens, Bertholle to Singier, Lanskoy to Seiler. The modern artworks collected by Jean-Louis Roque will be dispersed at the Impressionist & Modern Art on 8th December, while his contemporary art will be included in the Post-War & Contemporary Art sale the same day.



Pavel Filonov 1883 – 1941 Homme et figure sculpturale ou La Floraison universelle – circa 1910 – 1915
Pavel Filonov (1883-1941)
Homme et figure sculpturale ou La Floraison universelle, circa 1910-1915
Watercolor on paper
42,5 x 28 cm
Estimate: €10,000-15,000

The Claude Laclanche-Boulé Collection
Books, documents, prints, drawings and collages, gouaches and paintings feature the Claude Laclanche-Boulé Collection, the historian specialising in avant-garde Russian art. This collection echoes the research and creations of the avant-gardes of the first quarter of the 20th century, mainly from Russia but also central Europe. The Impressionist & Modern Art sale on 8th December will offer this varied collection of modern art at auction.























Emile GILIOLI  1911 - 1977 Fer de lance - 1971
Emile Gilioli (1911-1977)
Fer de lance, 1971
Red and black painted iron
130 x 33 x 103 cm
Estimate: €30,000-40,000

Claude Babet Gilioli
The Babet Gilioli collection, which will be dispersed Wednesday 8th December during the Post-War & Contemporary Art auction, is composed of 35 artworks of Emilie Gilioli, great artist of the second half of the 20th century. This collection, animated by the variety of materials and techniques used by this great sculptor, is a tribute to him. Artworks featuring in the sale include: L’homme de la paix and Monument à la mémoire de Dag Hammarskjöld from 1965, estimated €20,000 – 30,000 and Fer de lance created in 1971, estimated €30,000 – 40,000.

















Pierre SOULAGES (Né en 1919) Peinture 72 x 57 cm, 9 avril 1994  Huile sur toile Signée, datée et titrée au dos  « Soulages, Peinture 72 x 57 cm, 9-4-94 »
Pierre Soulages (Né en 1919)
Peinture, 1994
Huile sur toile
72 x 57 cm
Estimate: €600,000-800,000

The upcoming Impressionist & Modern Art and Post-War & Contemporary Art sales which will be held in December will also offer at auction masterpieces in addition to the five private collections presented.

A rare pastel realized in 1900 by the Italian artist Federico Zandomeneghi showing the parc Monceau, estimated €200,000 – 300,000, along with two pieces in wax by Victor Brauner from 1954 : Sans Titre and Initiation à la Liberté, estimated respectively €250,000 – 350,000 and €300,000 – 400,000, will be offered for auction. The contemporary art session will feature an oil on canvas of exceptional quality by Pierre Soulages estimated €600,000 – 800,000. This piece was created in 1994 and highlights the evolution of the great abstract artist, re-introducing colour into his compositions. A marvelous and highly poetic composition by Joan Mitchell made of five small canvases estimated €280,000 – 350,000 will also come under the hammer, showing how this great American artist has revisited Monet’s water lilies with such sensitivity.


Tuesday 7th December, 2pm
Balthus Frédérique Tison Collection


Tuesday 7th December, 8pm
Modern & Contemporary Art – Evening sale


Wednesday 8th December, 10am
Impressionist & Modern Art – Day sale
Leclanche-Boulé Collection, lots 371 to 391
Jean-Louis Roque Collection, lots 392 to 452
Dara Vallier Collection, lots 453 to 467


Wednesday 8th December, 2pm
Post-War & Contemporary Art – Day sale
Dara Vallier Collection, lots 500 to 552
Simone et Jean-Louis Roque Collection, lots 553 to 567
Badet Gilioli Collection, lots 568 to 602


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