Mohamed Melehi and its exceptional works from the Vallée des Roses

Mohamed MELEHI
Mohamed Melehi
Composition, circa 1969/1970
Cellulose paint on panel 24 panels
of 118 x 50 cm -  350 x 500 cm 
Estimate: 600 000 - 800 000 MAD /
60 000 – 80 000 €

At the heart of this 30th May auction will be 11 works by Mohamed Melehi, a great Moroccan artist who died in October 2020 and a central figure in Moroccan art and the history of modernism. From the end of the 1960s, the talent of Mohamed Melehi and Mohamed Chebaa, both of whom were graduates of the Casablanca School of Fine Arts, met that of the architectural duo Patrice de Mazières and Abdesslem Faraoui. Instigators of a modern architecture inspired by the brutalist movement, they carried out many extremely innovative projects together. Moroccan culture, traditional art and contemporary art are mixed with architecture in the context of promoting the region of the Great Moroccan South.


In 1970, the “Roses du Dadès” hotel, whose ceilings are decorated with brightly coloured frescoes signed by the hands of these artists, is a perfect illustration of this synergy. In Kelaat M'gouna, in the valley of the roses, the building is of a very great modernity in a landscape eloquent in history and heritage.


In love with his native Morocco, Melehi explains that he draws his inspiration from the artistic traditions of his country. The artist declines these traditions with his refusal of academic art as well as his affinity with the plastic arts and bold colours.


Mohamed MELEHI
Mohamed Melehi
Composition, circa 1969/1970
Carved cedar wood 60 panels
of 33,5 x 33,5 cm - 200 x 332,5 cm
​​​​​Estimate: 150 000 – 200 000 MAD /
15 000 – 20 000 €

Offered in the sale will be two large ceiling works, composed of 48 cellulose painted wood panels and two mural compositions of 60 and 18 carved cedar panels both by Mohamed Melehi. The Moucharabieh and the ceiling lights were made by Mohamed Chebaa.


Our Artcurial Morocco director specialized in Orientalist Painting speaks about the sale event on Sunday 30th May: “This will be a special sale. It pays homage to a great artist that we sadly lost last year. Mohamed Melehi illustrated the richness of the Moroccan national heritage. He knew how to establish a relationship between traditional and contemporary art. The painted ceilings and cedar compositions are very representative of his talent and modernity.”



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