“I think Louise’s work touches all kinds of people”

Jerry Gorovoy

Affiche expo Louise Bourgeois

Artcurial: The work of Louise Bourgeois is displayed for the first time in Israel. What impact, and how important is it to Israel?


Suzanne Landau:Twosome, is Israel's first-ever major retrospective of Louise Bourgeois, which I have co-curated with Jerry Gorovoy, the artist's longtime assistant and close friend.
Bourgeois is among the most outstanding and radical artists of the 20th and 21st centuries with a prolific oeuvre spanning more than seven decades.
It is the Museum's mission to provide a platform for our audiences to have access to Israeli and international art, while also providing them with a space for meaningful dialogue, understanding and connection with art worldwide.
Introducing Bourgeois for the first time in Israel, where she was not so known, revealed to our public the new, fascinating world of an artist who has the power to spark dialogue about gender, emotions, and relationships in a universal way, and therefore so relevant and impactful today.


Artcurial: As co-curator of the first ever show of Louise Bourgeois in Israel, what kind of resonance do you expect from it?


Jerry Gorovoy: I think Louise’s work touches all kinds of people.  The emotions she gives symbolic form to are universal.


Artcurial: Which part of her work did you specifically focused on? Are there any specific pieces that the public hasn’t seen for a while?


Jerry Gorovoy: The exhibition is named for the large computerized sculpture called Twosome.  This piece has rarely been seen.  Its perpetual movement of one cylinder going in and out of another can have many interpretations, but for Bourgeois it represents the dynamic of the Mother and Child.  This dialogue sets a tone for all other human relationships and therefore is central to psychic life.


Artcurial: As a long-time friend and workfellow, is there a work that particularly moves you in the show?


Jerry Gorovoy: The Janus Fleuri was one of Louise’s favorites, as well as, mine.  She said it was a self-portrait.  The Janus was a double headed Roman god with one face towards the past and one face looking towards the future.  The forms could be read both as male and female. 


Artcurial: What is the public interest in contemporary art in Israel?


Suzanne Landau : Contemporary art is part of our life. The problem is that the wider public does not always understand the art of its time, which is usually more progressive and far ahead than many other fields of human activity. And yet, there is always an audience and interest in contemporary art.


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Suzanne Landau is the Director and the Chief Curator of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
Jerry Gorovoy was the friend and workfellow of Louise Bourgeois. He is currently President of Bourgeois’ The Easton Foundation.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art‘s Show of Louise Bourgeois is opened until 17.2.18.
Visit www.tamuseum.org.il for more information.



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