Invader, J.R., FUTURA 2000: the greatest urban artists on sale at Artcurial

On Tuesday 28th June, the Urban & Pop Contemporary auction will feature artworks by major artists of the urban and contemporary scene through a selection of more than 80 lots.


Amongst these exceptional lots, iconic photographs by J.R., with a wooden piece from The Wrinkles of the City series, an important spray painting by FUTURA 2000 as well as Invader with Rubik Killers from 2009, coming from the Low Fidelity series, will be presented. Artworks by Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Keith Haring, JonOne, VHILS or DRAN and many others will complete this rich selection.



Invader (born 1969)
Rubik Killers, 2009
Estimate: €220,000-260,000

A dozen works by Invader will be presented, including Rubik Killers from 2009. Invader has been working from the mid-2000s on an emblematic icon of contemporary “Pop culture”: the Rubik’s cube. Called “Rubikcubism”, this artistic project uses the famous colored cubes as raw material for composing sculptures and paintings. Always working around the theme of pixel reproduction, the artist extends what he had undertaken with mosaic by creating real object paintings in 3D with cubes. Quasi-abstract at first, the artwork reveals to the viewer when he or she stands back, blinks or, as a turnaround, looks at them through the screen of a digital camera. This piece, estimated at €220,000 to €260,000, is from the Low Fidelity series.






Popularised by his photographic collages, J.R. will be highlighted with the presentation of two works from The Wrinkles of the City series. The first is a signed and dated photographic print, estimated at €35,000-45,000, featuring an installation created in Havana in collaboration with José Parlá. The second, entitled Los Surcos de la Ciudad, is the introduction of the project The Wrinkles of the City, produced in Cartagena, Spain, in 2008. It is estimated at €40,000 - 60,000.

J.R. (born1983)
Los Surcos de la Ciudad, Julian Jesus Gimenez Fernandez, 2008
Estimate: €40,000-60,000


The two works represent elderly men, their eyes closed, their faces marked by the years and the recent scars of history and economic and sociocultural mutations. Witnesses of eras that are now over, they embody the mark of the passage of time, just like the walls of the city.



Futura 2000
FUTURA 2000 (born 1955)
Eleventh Hour, 2011
Estimate: €60,000-80,000

A, artwork by FUTURA 2000 entitled Eleventh Hour created in 2012 will also be presented at the sale. It shows Futura’s style which moves away from simple lettering to an abstraction with a lyrical tendency full of energy, movement and speed. Considered nowadays as one of the most important graffiti artists making the junction with the contemporary art world, FUTURA 2000 was also one of the first graffiti artists to turn to canvas


On the occasion of the sale of two works by Gérard Zlotykamien, a round table will be organised at Artcurial on Saturday 25th June at 3pm, on the artist's career and pioneering work for the release of the book Gérard Zlotykamien (co-edited by Lienart and the MathGoth gallery). It will continue with a book signing from 4pm. This event will take place in the presence of the artist, his gallery owner Gautier Jourdain (Galerie Mathgoth), and Jean Faucheur, painter and sculptor, and the journalist Stéphanie Lemoine.



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Event around the sale
Round table and book signing of the book Gérard Zlotykamien
Saturday 25th June – 3pm

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