The Fine Wine & Spirits department launches its new online sale

From 15th to 23rd June, the Fine Wine & Spirits department is presenting 1146 lots at auction during an online sale, half of which will be Bordeaux. The two sales sessions will start one day apart. From 15th to 22nd June, the first part will present lots 1 to 621 and from 16th to 23rd June, the second part will present lots 622 to 1146.


During this spring's 'en primeur' season for Bordeaux wines, we'd like to share with you a few lines from the UGCB website about the 2022 vintage, the wines have just been released on the market and will be in wine amateurs cellars in two years.


Axel Marchal, University Professor: “The 2022 vintage is truly unusual and paradoxical. Despite the excessive weather conditions, it has produced perfectly balanced wines in a style that is quite unprecedented, but with a strong Bordeaux identity.”


Ronan Laborde, President of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux and owner of Château Clinet: “2022 is a prodigious vintage. The wines reveal a fullness and harmony that are surprising given the extreme climate experienced during the season. It's the culmination of the know-how and experience of the winegrowers, following on from recent hot, dry vintages (2016, 2018, 2019, 2020), but also of an irrational, magical element, the miracle of nature!”



Part 1 – lots 1 to 621
The first session of the sale starts on 15th June at 10am, and is devoted exclusively to red Bordeaux, with 621 lots on offer.


We are highlighting two cellars with wines in original wooden boxes, perfectly stored in professional temperature controlled cellars, representing 168 lots in the catalogue. 


More than 120 lots come from the cellar of a great connoisseur (Cave 9), in the fine vintages of 2005 and 2009. Bordeaux produced some great wines in 2005, with a fine balance between the richness of the fruit and freshness, and great ageing potential. The 2009 vintage, characterised as being “solar”, the wines are full bodied and delicious, with plenty of aegeing potential.


Cellar 9 includes numerous cases of Bordeaux Right Bank wines, like Saint Estèphe, such as lot 95, 6 bottles of Château Calon Ségur 2009 for €540/600, Pauillac such as Château Pontet Canet 2009 at €900/950 for 6 bottles and €1,100/1,200 for 3 magnums (lots 541 to 543), Château Pichon Comtesse de Lalande (lot 528), Margaux, with Château Lascombes 2009, 6 bottles for €360/420.  And from the Left Bank, the very prestigious Château Angélus, 1er Cru Classé (A) de Saint Emilion, €1,500/1,600 for 6 bottles (lot 44). 


Some forty lots from another amateur’s cellar (Cave 3) include Château L’Evangile, Duhart Milon, Carruades de Lafite and Lafite Rothschild from 1998 to 2004, sold in their wooden boxes in bottle and magnum formats. These wines from Pauillac and Pomerol are the flagship wines of Domaines Rothschild, which also produces in the south of France, in Chile, Argentina and China. The vintages presented here can already be enjoyed with pleasure. 



Part 2 – lots 622 to 1146
The second session of the sale starts on 16th June at 10am, begining with white Bordeaux wines. 


We have chosen to present here two lots of Sauternes from Cave 4, among an exceptional group of wines from a wide range of French production regions from the cellar of a great connoisseur, benefiting from very good storage conditions. Lots 691 to 693 comprise 3 lots of 6 half-bottles of L'Extravagant de Doisy Daene 2009 Sauternes at €600/660. This cuvée, produced in small quantities, has a long ageing potential and is made from 55% botrytised Sauvignon grapes in this vintage. This 2009 is a particularly good, racy, complex and subtle wine, a must for lovers of exceptional wines. Also from the 2009 vintage, Château Rabaud Promis, a delicious 1rst growth Sauternes, in cases of 24 half-bottles, lots 700 to 703 for €240/480 each. The winemakers of this estate are very concerned with sustainable viticulture and respect for the environment. They have become beekeepers and produce a whole range of honeys, the beehives being positioned in the middle of the vines, which is very unique.


The rest of the catalogue features numerous lots of Burgundies, Rhône wines, champagnes and spirits. These include the delicious Grand Crus of Clos de Lambrays 2005, in Morey Saint Denis in the Côte de Nuits in Burgundy, lots 781 and 782 (cave 4), two lots of 6 bottles for €1,500/1,600. This historic medieval Clos dates back to the 14th century. It was recently acquired by LVMH in 2014 and is one of France’s finest wines. 




We're also offering a few lots from the Jura region, delicious and precise wines, with lots from Cave 7, from a great connoisseur’s cellar. With lots 1030 to 1037, 1083 to 1085 and 1098, red and white Arbois wines from Bryère-Houillon and Pierre Overnoy, Vin Passerillé from Stéphane Tissot, and for Vin Jaune from Rolet and Aviet. The Juras appellation is now widely recognised by connoisseurs world wide, with demand far exceeding production.



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Online Auctions
Part 1 (lots 1 to 621) 
Auction opening: 15th June at 10am 
Closing of the auction: 22nd June from 10am 

Part 2 (lots 622 to 1146) 
Auction opening: 16th June at 10am 
Closing of the auction: 23rd June from 10am 

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