The dispersal of the Verly Family Collection, Napoleonic Epics continues

Officer of Cuirassiers Belt Tray
Sold: €3,380

Following the success of the Verly Family Collection, Napoleonic Epics auctions in December 2020, the dispersal of this great Belgian collection continues Online only. The last session of the auction, Verly Family Collection, Napoleonic Epics, Part IV will take place from 5 th to 11 th March.

This auction brings together uniform and armament accessories such as belts, straps, epaulettes, embroidery, buttons, cords and needles, spurs and stirrups, various coppers to complete gibernas or belts, but also books and some drawings and maps.






Pair of Major General epaulettes
Sold: €1,690

The swords and sabres show the disparity of aesthetics between regiments and army corps which seem to compete in elegance. The costumes and hairstyles, also all dissimilar, are an explosion of bright colours, embroidered ribbons and shiny buttons.

The very large set of military and honorific decorations, mainly the Legion of Honour, is a profusion of different models depending on the period and the regime.


This collection in the Collection reveals the importance for the Verly family of this honour which the State does by acknowledging and thanking for the service done to the Homeland. The Collection highlights a man's pride in being a soldier in Napoleon's armies, so proud that he adorns himself in colour and gold to be seen and envied.



Online Only auction
Verly Family Collection, Napoleonic Epics, Part IV
From 5th to 11th March 2021


Auction Contact
Juliette Leroy-Prost 
Tel. +33 1 42 99 20 16