DéconstruKt, a new exhibition by Enki Bilal at Artcurial

© Enki Bilal, 2021

From 6th July to 9th September, Artcurial presents the cultural exhibition DéconstruKt, featuring 137 original drawings by Enki Bilal. Deconstructing his work in order to better create and leave visitors free to imagine, alone in front of the enigmatic and powerful drawings belonging to his universe, is the innovative concept behind this exhibition, commented on in video by famous artists; Carla Bruni, Eddy Mitchell, Camélia Jordana, Olivia Ruiz, Gaëtan Roussel and Mathias Malzieu.


“I destroy, I make several stories implode.”, explains Enki Bilal about the exhibition DéconstruKt. “Once the strips have been extracted, liberated from their words, they become free again. It is this liberation of the drawing that will allow the viewer to construct their own vision. The deconstruction will enable multiple imaginations.” says the artist.


The colours used, from ash blue to ochre, or even blue-night, sometimes with touches of red, enliven the powerful drawings of Enki Bilal's universe.


The illustrations come from the following albums: Julia & Roem (Casterman 2011), La couleur de l’air (Casterman 2014), Bug 1 (Casterman 2017), Bug 2 (Casterman 2019) and La tétralogie du monstre including Le sommeil du monstre (Les Humanoïdes Associés 1998), 32 décembre

(Les Humanoïdes Associés 2003), Rendez-vous à Paris (Casterman 2006) and Quatre? (Casterman 2007).


© Enki Bilal, 2021
© Enki Bilal, 2021

The DéconstruKt exhibition described by the artists

Carla Bruni: “My first impression when seeing Bilal's work is a mixture of immense precision and an element of mystery that I cannot decrypt, and which overwhelms my heart.”


Camélia Jordana: “It’s very courageous artistically to assume the fragments, to accept to be told in snippets of yourself. There is something timeless about the characters.”


Mathias Malzieu: “[These drawings] are like windows. You want to be able to go inside. You feel like you're entering someone else's dream. Time stands still.”


Eddy Mitchell: “There is a story that is often extraordinary, which is really out of time.”


Gaëtan Roussel: “[These drawings] have something dark, tormented. I see a lot of poetry in them but [these colours] soften the dark side. colours] soften the dark side.”


Olivia Ruiz: “I feel very close to the graphic palette of palette of Enki Bilal because I find that black and white and the minimum of colour mixing is often going to be much more conducive to the imaginary side. When I saw the name of the exhibition, it reminded me of the word “renewal”, to the word "creation" or “re-creation”.”



Dates and times
From 6th July to 9th September 2021
Monday to Friday, 11am-6pm
(excluding bank holidays and annual closure from 2 to 20 August)

7 Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées
75008 Paris


Rate: 7 €


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