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Julie Valade, director of the Jewellery Department


BoivinLot 339
René Boivin
“Quatre corps” Ring


A classic piece from the house of Boivin. With its articulated rings this is a timeless design and a triumph of inventiveness - both a piece of jewellery and a collector’s item. What I particularly like with this piece is the elegant use of pastel colours.











Bague rubisLot 460
Ruby Ring


This stone of more than 16 carats is a gorgeous colour - a beautiful velvety red. The best rubies are rare to come onto the market. Stones from Myanmar are virtually unobtainable, so high quality rubies from East African mines with very similar shades, as in this lot, offer a very good alternative, even an investment opportunity.







ParureLot 462
Cameo Set


Cameos are fascinating objects, whether they are set in a brooch, a bracelet, a pair of earrings - or all three, as in this matching set.

The successive layers of the stone delicately reveal the profile of the figure.
This set has layers of colour with three shades, which is particularly rare as they are usually only found with two. The setting is richly decorated with coiling bunches of grapes - a fine example of XIXth century Roman jewellery.






Viewing: 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th January, 2018 – Monaco Yacht Club, Monaco
Auction: Thursday 18th and Friday 19th January, 2018
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