Artcurial X Shifting Vision: sale of digital artworks in the sale of the day Post-War & Contemporary

On December 7th, Artcurial will offer for sale, during its Post-War & Contemporary Day sale, digital artworks by Ron Arad and Gary Hill. This project was realized in partnership with Shifting Vision, an art incubator founded by Edouard Sterngold in 2020.


On this occasion, a round table discussion “Collecting and living with digital art” will take place at Artcurial on Saturday, December 3rd at 4pm, in the presence of Gary Hill and collectors of video and digital art. The round table will be moderated by Shifting Vision.


Gary Hill
Gary Hill (né en 1951)
IInstallation (video, glass mould, projector and metal base)
Unique piece, 1 A. P.

Gary Hill is one of the foremost contemporary artists looking at the relationship between words and electronic images, a subject which has dominated video art since its inception. Hill began his career as a sculptor and started creating video art in 1973. He has created a large body of single-channel videotapes and video installations which includes some of the most important works in the field of video art. His work has been exhibited worldwide, in group shows at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Musée du Louvre in Paris and at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam as well as several retrospectives and one-person shows, including the Museu da Imagem e do Som à Sao Paulo and the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain in Paris. He continues to push the boundaries of video art.


Gary Hill
Gary Hill (né en 1951)
Installation (video, glass mould, projector and metal base)
Unique piece, 1 A. P.
ERC-721 standard NFT on ledger; minted in 2022 on Ethereum blockchain
Related metadata: File MPEG-4 1920 × 1080 px
Estimate: €18,000 – 25,000


The artwork he is offering for sale is CC, a 55-second video installation in which the artist continues the exploration of the notion of value as a medium of exchange that he initiated in his Frustrum project, first exhibited in 2006 at the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain in Paris. Created as a critical image of empire, Frustrum is a multimedia installation comprising a monumental video projection of a computer-generated eagle trapped in a pyramid-shaped electrical pylon and a pool of black oil on the ground in front of the image, in the middle of which is a rectangular “ingot” made of pure 24-carat gold and engraved with the words “For all that is visible is a copy of what is hidden”. The latter was stolen from the Fondation Cartier in Paris in 2007. The CC piece is the glass mould used to melt the original Frustrum ingot. It bears the same inscription and serves as a support for the projection of a video related to the original project and the theft of the ingot. The video and the glass ingot interact, at times reflecting a golden hue.


Ron Arad is one of the most influential artists, designers and architects of our time.He stands out for his daredevil curiosity for form, structure, technology, materials and in the sheer versatility of his practices.His work spans industrial design, handcrafted studio pieces, sculpture, architecture and mixed media installations. Arad is persistent in his experimentation with materials and has radically re-conceptualized the notion of form and structure across art, architecture and design, placing him at the forefront of contemporary creativity. Arad's latest artwork, Slow Outburst, was created with Shifting Vision and will be offered at auction on 7th December at Artcurial.


Ron Arad
Ron Arad (né en 1951)
Slow Outburst (Pastel Pink)
Unique piece
Edition 1/1, 2 A. P.
ERC-721 standard NFT on ledger; minted in 2022 on Ethereum blockchain
Related metadata: File MPEG-4 3840 x 2160 px
Estimate: €26,000 – 28,000


Slow Outburst was created using entirely digital means. It explores how automobile bodies, specifically the Fiat 500, behave under compression through physical experiments and digital simulations carrying forward Arad’s exploration of handmade and digital processes.These were explored in his 2014 exhibition In Reverse which was first installed at the Design Museum Holon, Israel, and later travelled to the Pinacoteca Agnelli, Italy. The exhibition included six of Arad’s Pressed Flower sculptures made from compressed Fiat 500s in varying colours mounted on the gallery’s walls. Slow Outbursttakes these pressed flowers into a new realm using 3D rendering to virtually crush the Fiat 500 and bring it back together again in a three-minute video work with a soundtrack composed by Oscar-winning composer Dario Marianelli. Slow Outburst was made in 15 colours, all of which are all unique pieces.These works are part of the Reverse Again series made with Shifting Vision in 2022,is the continuation of Arad’s lifelong personal and artistic interest in the iconography of the Fiat 500. As Arad says: ‘We’re not destroying the cars, we’re immortalising them.’


Those five digital artworks can be found in auction at Artcurial on 7th December during the Post-War & Contemporary Day sale.



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Round table
Collecting and living with digital art
In presence of Gary Hill, artist

Saturday 3rd December at 4pm
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Post-War & Contemporary Art, Day sale
Wednesday 7th December 2022 – 4.30pm


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