Artcurial supports contemporary African sculpture
through its partnership with BISO

Pedro Pires
Pedro Pires
For Doppelganging in Luanda, 2019

Founded in 2019 in Burkina Faso, BISO (International Sculpture Biennal in Ouagadougou) aims to highlight the diversity of sculpture in Africa, beyond tribal art, as well as consolidating the continent's place in the global landscape of contemporary art. For this second edition, the biennial explores the theme of Ambiguous Adventure, paying tribute to the emblematic work of the Senegalese writer Cheikh Hamidou Kane. In this story, the author traces the tormented trajectory of young Samba Diallo, oscillating between the spirituality of his country and the liberal Western world with which he is confronted.


Through this theme, the artists are invited to explore the complexity and plurality of identities in Africa, especially at a time when the notions of belief, gender and relationship to nature are being redefined. The artists, whose personal trajectories are also made up of paradoxes, were invited to produce a work that echoes their own ambiguous adventure.






Ferdaws Chamekh
Ferdaws Chamekh
​​​​Dans la peau de ma maison, 2020

This event is an opportunity to discover and support a brand new scene of contemporary artists. “BISO’s objective is to give [young artists] the visibility they need on the continent and throughout the world,” concludes Christophe Person, the Director of the African Contemporary Art Department.






Florence Conan