Artcurial – partnering Fluctuart, the world’s first floating urban art museum

Artcurial is delighted to announce its partnership with Fluctuart, the world’s first floating urban centre. This new venue will be in the heart of Paris, next to the Invalides bridge. The platform of 1000m² (10,700 sq. ft.) will comprise three areas hosting temporary exhibitions, cultural events and visiting artists in residence and housing a permanent collection, on-site events, a specialist bookshop, creative workshops, an open rooftop and two bar and snack bar areas. With its three levels, open to everyone, all year round and with free entry, Fluctuart aims to become the meeting place for all those involved in the urban scene – artists, professionals and institutions.


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Fluctuart was born from the call for ideas for the ‘Reinventing the Seine’ project. In order to contribute to the dynamism of the area and building on the experience of the ‘Reinventing Paris’ project, the City of Paris, the Rouen Normandy Metropolis and the Le Havre Urban Area Community together decided to call for innovative project ideas involving the Seine waterway. Nicolas Laugero Lasserre, artistic director, collector, specialist in urban art and director of ICART – the art culture and market management school, is one of the three founders of Fluctuart.


For him, Fluctuart’s ambitions are based on three elements; artists, the public and the spread of urban art in France and internationally. Through temporary theme-based and solo exhibitions as well as permanent exhibitions and on-site events to take place at this new venue, artists, connoisseurs and fans of urban and street art, post-graffiti and urban culture will be able to meet in an art centre dedicated to this movement, which brings together art and the general public around an ‘art for all’, and which continues to develop in the heart of Paris, currently seen as the urban art capital of the world. The enthusiasm for this artistic movement has resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of artists and projects as well as in the number of artworks offered at auction.

The idea of a partnership originated with Artcurial’s Urban Art Department. Arnaud Oliveux, an auctioneer with Artcurial and member of Fluctuart’s artistic committee tells us more.



Arnaud Oliveux
Arnaud Oliveux, auctioneer at Artcurial

Where did the idea of a partnership between Artcurial and Fluctuart come from?’

Arnaud Oliveux: We have a lot of links with Nicolas Laugero Lasserre, who is also a member of Fluctuart’s artistic committee; I have worked with him as auctioneer for the Musée en Herbe sales with which he is associated and we also have partnerships with, and receive students from, ICART.
This collaboration between Artcurial and Fluctuart came directly out of discussions with Nicolas; a few years ago he asked me to join the committee when he was preparing the project and naturally the idea of a partnership grew from there.


In what way do you see this project as innovative?’

AO: Firstly, the approach is innovative as it is the first time we will have this sort of floating venue, it will be an art centre including a bookshop, workshops for children and a rooftop dining area. It will really be a total art environment and will certainly spread onto the quays with projections and on-site events.
Urban art institutes exist already, although they are a fairly recent development, the fact that this will be a floating centre with wide and varied activities will make it a broader art environment than a traditional museum.


What influence do you think the opening of Fluctuart will have on the urban art market?

AO: I think it will bring greater institutional legitimacy, even if it is privately-owned. It will certainly have a positive media impact and will enable the public to discover a different aspect of urban art, not just something coming from life on the streets, with which it is usually connected. Here, we are really taking a museum approach, notably with the Swoon exhibition, which will be a complex institutional event not just a display of art. This will undoubtedly have an impact in terms of appreciation and recognition, which is important for this movement – showing it is more than just about marketing and street life. It will bring a museum-like aspect, even if Fluctuart is more of an art centre than a museum, with its meeting and conference areas and constantly changing events. There will be a permanent collection, which will change and evolve, we won’t necessarily always be seeing the same things, it won’t be frozen in time. Christian Omodeo’s bookshop will also be magnificent, with specialist books and maybe even rare editions.

Fluctuart is a wonderful experiment and we are delighted to be associated with it; it will also enable us to build important bridges.



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Swoon, American street-artist and first artist to have an exhibition at Fluctuart

This vibrant, dynamic and progressive venue is opening in June 2019 with an exhibition dedicated to Swoon, the American street-artist whose collages of life-sized human figures are known the world over. As an actively engaged artist, she explores the relationships between people and their environments. Over two weeks she will be exhibiting Time Capsule - a chronological journey through her body of work.





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Opening: 4 July 2019

Pont des Invalides
2 port du Gros Caillou, 75007 Paris



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