Natural History
& Taxidermy

Natural History
& Taxidermy

Under the direction of Isabelle Boudot de la Motte and her team, Artcurial organises four auctions per year dedicated to taxidermy and natural history, enabling collectors and connoisseurs to cross both centuries and continents. These sales bring the spotlight to bear on rather specific wonders of the world - the ones scientists, experts and the simply curious have been studying since the Renaissance.

The tour of the world starts at the poles - with polar bears, narwhal tusks and walrus skulls. Those fascinated by the African continent will find zebra, lions, tigers, panthers, gnus, buffalo, gazelles, antelopes, hartebeest, elands, kudus, etc. and a wide variety of hides and trophy heads - mounted or not.

This is also a voyage in time, and it starts in prehistory with mammoth tusks, fossils and dinosaur and geological remains.

The ornithologists are well taken care of, often surprised and delighted to find specimens of exotic birds and raptors - from today or the distant past - macaws, owls, parrots, flamingos, varieties of laughingthrush, etc.

The tour ends back on the old continent with its deer, stags, goats and brown bears from the Rumanian forests.

Each auction also offers up numerous objects which would be at home in a curiosity cabinet - reptiles and fish, sea coconuts, insects, butterflies, specimens in jars, skeletons and even an anaconda, as the tour includes a visit to the Americas.


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