Inventories & Collections

Valuing your property: skill and expertise

Do you know the value of your possessions?

For an inheritance, a donation, a division, a sale or just out of curiosity, there are many reasons for making an inventory to find out the value of your transferable property.

Often, a detailed inventory is the only way to discover the presence of rare and precious possessions. Artcurial offers a personalised, adapted and completely confidential service for valuing your property whether the entire contents of a house or apartment, a collection or a single object.

With extensive experience in valuations for transferable property and collections, and with the support of its network of experts, solicitors, jurists and consultants, every year Artcurial's Inventory Department performs several hundred inventories in France and overseas.

Complete expertise in every field

Our team of auctioneers works closely with other Artcurial specialists, offering complete expertise in multiple fields. Our commitment:
- Provide the best advice in valuing your possessions depending on the context, market developments and any legal, fiscal and legacy system changes;
- Propose the best for strategy sale in an increasing selective market, to achieve the best possible results.

With a network of representatives and partners overseas (Brussels, Milan, Monaco, Munich, Vienna, Beijing, Tel Aviv…) and in France (Bordeaux, Toulouse, Montpellier, Marseille, Lyon…), our teams travel to you or make an initial assessment from photographs you provide. Throughout the valuation process right up to our sale of your property, our representative in the Inventory Department remains your privileged point of contact.

Our Inventory Department provides advice about valuations, wills and legacies, and can provide help with administrative and fiscal procedures.

Whether for a single work or an entire collection, the department provides an invaluable link to our other services, coordinating sales with all our various departments.

Our team work regularly with notaires and legal consultants to answer all the questions vendors and buyers may have.



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