Asian Art

Asian Art

The Asian Art department opened in 2011 when Isabelle Bresset asked the international specialist Philippe Delalande to assist her and take charge of the authentication and valuation of the Asian works of art. Backed by a long and worldwide experience, Philippe Delalande is highly considered by the Asian collectors and regarded as one of the utmost experts in the field. Assisted by Qinghua Yin, he then helped Artcurial to firmly put the Asian Art department on the map.

The Asian Art department has developed strong relationships with worldwide collectors and dealers providing them with the most reliable source of expertise and advice. The works of art benefit from an appropriate and elegant presentation in the catalogues with large illustrations enhancing the quality of each piece and the seller can enjoy a secured transaction due to a strict control policy.

Every season, sensational results turn on the spotlights on the very dynamic and unpredictable Asian Art market and its different domains such as Chinese porcelain, Buddhist art, archaic bronzes, jades, traditional paintings and engravings, etc…from all over the East: China, Japan, Cambodia, India, etc…from the Antiquity to modern times.

Philippe Delalande had been working for many years with one of the Asian Art’s top dealers in France, Jacques Barrere, when he joined Christie’s to run the Asian Art department in Paris. 12 years later, he took charge of the Asian art department for Europe at Sotheby’s. He has been a consultant for Artcurial since 2012.

Isabelle Bresset, auctioneer in charge of the Asian Art department, has initiated Artcurial’s Hong Kong sales in 2015 and 2016, helping to secure Artcurial presence in the region.

Qinghua Yin joined Artcurial in 2012. Junior specialist, and fluent in French, English, Korean and Mandarin, she has built privileged relationships with European collectors and takes particular care of Artcurial’s Asian clients.

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Looking back at 2020

Looking back at 2020

The year 2020 was notably marked by a number of records and millionaire auctions, such as an important stabile by Alexander Calder sold for €4.9M and the masterpiece the Penitent Magdalene by Salaì, a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci, which sold for €1.7M. Find out more in our video…

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