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Artcurial Spain

In 2021, Artcurial’s international development continued, this time in Spain. Its representative, Gerard Vidal, explores the Spanish art scene and assists collectors in their introduction to this market. Based between Madrid and Barcelona, he covers the different regions of the country. This appointment strengthened Artcurial’s presence throughout the world as well as its international network in order to offer a local service to its foreign clients.

The company’s specialists regularly travel to Spain by appointment, when they can establish with you the most appropriate sales strategy for your property. They also offer tailor-made advice for inheritance or insurance inventories.

Free and confidential appraisal days, covering all of the firm’s specialities, are also offered in Spain on the dates shown below.

From Madrid and Barcelona, Artcurial Spain organises events such as previews of the season’s masterpieces, book signings, cultural exhibitions, conferences and meetings with renowned artists.



Valuation Days

For a free and confidential valuation of your works and possessions, our experts will be available throughout Spain on the valuation days mentioned below or by appointment in addition to the dates proposed.