& Islamic Art

  & Islamic Art

The Archaeology and Oriental Arts Department organises two to four auctions annually.These sessions offer a unique glimpse into the extensity and richness of classical and Islamic antiquities, thanks to a rigorous selection of bronzes and ancient sculptures, ceramics and Islamic-themed tiles and Ottomans, Persian, Arabic and Indian manuscripts and miniatures.

The highly successful department develops sales emphasising the pieces’ aesthetic quality, historical interest and provenance beyond all reproach. It demonstrates its ability to meet the requirements of an ever-evolving market.

Thanks to the privileged connexion between international institutions and private collectors, the auctions organised by Mathilde Neuve-Eglise are quintessential rendezvous whose annual volume can reach €6M. She has obtained several world records such as the Gita Govinda miniature, sold for €330 400 in May 2015, world record in auction for a Kangra miniature, or the great Abbasid cup from the Wolf collection, sold at a record price of €373,800 including fees, in December 2014.



The majority of the pieces are sourced from renowned collections built with taste and passion such as Liuba and Ernesto Wolf, Xavier Guerrand-Hermès, Françoise and Claude Bourelier, Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent…, offering passionate fans the opportunity to enrich, or to build their collection with confidence.

Reflecting the speciality’s diversity, our sessions cover on the one hand archaeology, through the oriental, Egyptian and Greco-Roman antiquities, and on the other hand Eastern and Islamic arts, from the Andalusian Arab-Muslim world up to the Empire of the Great Mughals, from the Omayyad and Abbasidian caliphates and up to the Safadi, Ottoman, Mughals and Qajar Empires.

Auctions revolve around the fundamental axis’ of the discipline.

- Classical and Eastern archaeology:

Eastern Archaeology is widely represented through Luristan bronzes, Amlash pottery and the illustrious Bactrian princesses…

Egyptian and Greco-Roman archaeology are represented with Hellenistic bronze or marble sculptures, Attica pottery, Eastern Mediterranean glassware, Late-Period testimonials including remnants of the Roman civilization.


- Manuscripts:

The art of manuscript is present under its most delicate forms with writing, on the one hand through calligraphy and illuminated texts: Cufic pages, Maghreb or Mameluke Korans, Timrod manuscripts and ottomans Firmans.

Text illustrations are represented with Persian miniature from Safavid Shahnameh or Shiraz and Herat schools…, while delicate pages of Mughals and Indian manuscripts from Lucknow, Kangra, Guler, Mewar, Aurangabad, Gujarat and Deccan…

- Ceramic:

The art of fire, in its infinite variety of scenery and techniques, developed by Samanides, Ghaznawid, Seljuks, ilkhanides, Mamluk and Ottoman schools.

All forms and techniques are represented, including Nichapour, Kashan, Sultanabad, Aghkand, Iznik and Damascus.

- Bronze and other metals:

Metalwork also occupies an important place in the auction:

Among the most beautiful examples are inkwells, oil lamps, bronze or silver incrusted ewers, all symbols of the technical virtuosity of the Khorasan craftsmen.

Silver coins, testaments of the Sasanian civilisation and Ottoman bronze tombaks, are also very popular.



Plongée dans la civilisation égyptienne avec les Collections Bouvier

Plongée dans la civilisation égyptienne avec les Collections Bouvier

Lors de sa vente dédiée à l’Archéologie et aux Arts d’Orient le 15 mai prochain, Artcurial dispersera les collections Bouvier. Elles présentent les différentes facettes de la civilisation égyptienne, de l’Antiquité à l’époque musulmane.

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