Åland is an autonomous region of Finland. The Åland Islands form an archipelago between Sweden and Finland in the Baltic Sea, consisting of more than 6 700 islands. Åland is politically neutral and entirely demilitarized.

There are a total of 28,000 persons living in Åland in 16 different municipalities. 11,000 of them live in the Åland’s only town, Mariehamn, where the Government of Åland is located.
The official language is Swedish.

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The Åland Islands were part of the territory ceded to Russia by Sweden in 1809. As a result, along with all other parts of Finland, they became part of the Grand Duchy of Finland. Russia started to fortify the islands and built the fortress of Bomarsund. During the Crimean War, British and French forces came in Aland in 1854 and destroyed the fortress. After the war, England and France required that islands should be demilitarized. In the Treaty of Paris (1856), the Russians signed for not fortify the island.

On December 6th 1917, Finland declared its independence from Russia. The autonomous status of the islands was affirmed by a decision taken by the League of Nations in 1921 following the Åland crisis

Åland has its own flag; a blue flag with a yellow/red cross, stamps, license plates and its own top domain (.ax).

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Hôtels :

Hôtel Arkipelag
Strandgatan 31, 22100 Mariehamn
Tel +358 (0)18 24 020

Hôtel Pommern
Norragatan 8-10 A, AX-22100 Mariehamn
Tel +358 (0)18 15 555

Hôtel HavsVidden
Havsviddsvägen 90, 22340 Geta
Tel +358 (0) 18 494 08

Hôtel Silverskar
Godbyvägen 13, AX-22100 Mariehamn
Tel +358 (0)18-52 55 65

Kvarnbo Guest House B&B
Kyrvagen 48, AX-22320 Saltvik
Tel +358 (0)18 44015



F.P. Von Knorring
Ångbåtsbron, Östra Hamnen, Mariehamn
Tel +358 (0)1816500

Hamngatan 2, 22100 Mariehamn
Tel: +358 (0)18-19931

Nygatan 1
Tel. +358 18 16550

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Sites of interests

The main island is no bigger than 45 km from North to South and 50 km from East to West. Its small size makes it easy to discover the whole of Åland.

You mustn't miss Mariehamn during your trip - the islands' capital. Here you can go on to the museum ship Pommern, smell the tar and get a real feel for the hard life at sea. Wander around idyllic small town streets, look at local art and crafts, and have a coffee. Or for the completely opposite experience, take an archipelago ferry to one of the 8 inhabited islands in the northern or southern archipelago. Experience a tiny village community. Kökar is a good example, with traces of a medieval ruined abbey.

You'll find more history at Kastelholm, the large 16th century castle in the middle of Åland's main island. Right by Kastelholm there are two truly fine 18-hole golf courses.

Eckerö is the most westerly point in Åland. This is where the ferries from Grisslehamn in Sweden dock.


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How to go?

To Åland by air

You can fly to Åland from Stockholm, Arlanda, or Helsinki, Vanda. If you are flying it will takes just half an hour from Stockholm, or one hour from Helsinki or Turku in Finland. The airport of Åland is situated only five minutes by car from central Mariehamn.

Ferries from Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn

Another option is to take one of the ferries from Stockholm, Helsinki or Turku to Åland. The ferries pass by Åland around 30 times a day during summertime.


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